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438_3398934Whether you like it or not, showing up at work is a reality for most of us. After all, we all require money to live. How well work goes depends on many factors, some within your control, others not, but these tips will certainly make the workplace a nicer place to be.

#1 Even when you are nervous or scared, still go for it!

This is a very useful tip because we are all going to feel stressed or nervous now and then. When this happens, you really have no choice except to let yourself be nervous for that short period of time, and let it go. Take on the challenge, rely on your own skills showcasing themselves, and let it happen. After all who knows, you just might impress your bosses and those around you.

#2 Have no best friend at work

Having a best friend at work is not a good idea. When you give yourself permission not to be liked in the workplace, you trade that for knowing that you will be more respected. After all, there are times when you might have be firm with vendors, clients, colleagues, and others; or you might have to say something that you know won’t sit well. When you treat everyone similarly, you will be able to politely get what you need professionally, without hard feelings. You cannot do this if one or more of the people you work with is your best friend.

#3 Be inspired!

 This might sound crazy, but it works. When you inspire yourself, you will gain personal power and that is going to automatically command respect. Also, take the time to do the things that you enjoy because these activities will make you feel more creative and have a more positive outlook, and you will be happier for it leading to more contentment at work and thinking on your feet with great ease.