Why Engagement is Critical to the Success of Your Social Media Marketing

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Playmobil-451203_1280In a normal social setting people control what they say over what they really want to say, and they control how they act over how they really want to act. When you have a successful social media platform these rules get bent. What does that mean? It means what might be an acceptable in the real world can be completely acceptable online.

For example, many people are afraid to advertise themselves in the job market for fear that their current boss might find out that they are doing so. Then along comes LinkedIn, which is 11 most visited site in online (Alexa Internet stats). There are more than 300 million members all who list their professional achievements education interests etc. openly for the world to see. LinkedIn creates the opportunity for a user to say what they want, how they want with no negative repercussions and it allows them plausible deniability. In other words, they can put themselves in the job market showing their skills without admitting to do so. They create an engaging profile that is there for the world to see, and that includes recruiters.

Facebook is the second most visited site on the Internet. They changed our perception of the context of being nosey. What was once perceived as getting into somebody else's business, is now seen as the norm, as every day, all day long, people post the details of their life. Users also openly share their likes and dislikes of products, companies, and individuals.

So how does this apply to your social media marketing strategy? Will it clearly defines just how important it is to have a marketing strategy that focuses on integrity and openness. It must allow your customer or visitor the freedom to share their viewpoints both positive and negative. Creating these open and engaging conversations is the ticket to increasing your sales and overall revenue. This is where so many social media campaigns for part. Without the realization of the importance of the engagement factor your social media marketing campaign is destined to fail.