Why Are You Still Overpaying Your Taxes?

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Untitled designI have yet to meet a business owner who doesn’t think they are paying more taxes than they should.  But few of them have a plan to reduce their taxes!

Well, it’s the end of the year, and that means this is prime season for cutting your tax bill!

In fact, clients who have had a customized tax plan prepared have saved over $3.4 million in the last two years!

It is more important than normal to hire a tax planner now.  Strategies you used in the past might not work this year.  Trump’s tax plan has opened up new opportunities and traps for every business owner.

You must meet with your tax planner before the end of the year to guarantee that you are legally paying the lowest amount of taxes possible.  If your tax preparer has not given you  detailed strategies to help you reduce next year’s tax bill than you need to find a tax advisor who specializes in cutting their client’s tax bill.

If your tax preparer isn’t a tax planner, or if you’ve been interested in reducing your taxes but were not ready to pull the trigger, now is the time to find one!

Exclusive Cyber Monday Deal

From today through November 30, I am offering 26% off the bill for the preparation of a detailed customized tax plan.  This means our fee drops to $2,800 instead of $3,800.

I GUARANTEE our plan will legally cut your tax bill by at least 4 times what we charge you, or the plan is free!  Where else can you get a minimum 400% return?

To get started, just provide me with a copy of your 2017 tax return for a FREE tax analysis.  I will review it and call you to let you know how we can help you stop paying the IRS more than your fair share.

P.S.:  Feel free to share!  I LOVE helping business owners and the self-employed save money!  Friends and family are always welcome.