What Is Conversion and What Does It Mean to Me?

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Monitor-1307227_1920A trending term in the marketing world is conversion rate.  It usually refers to Internet marketing.  A Google search will turn up a bunch of different definitions, formulas, and conversion funnels, but they all sound confusing, especially if you’re not a professional marketer.

Conversion can be interpreted in different ways.  In normal English, it means using your marketing message to get your target audience to do what you want.

That may sound confusing.  So let me give you an example:

You want people to join your email list.  You set-up a landing page encouraging your audience to join your list.  For every 10 visitors, 3 sign up to your mailing list.  Those three visitors have taken action and shown interest—they are your conversion rate!

You want to have a good conversion rate.  You want your messages to prompt your audience to take action.  Having your marketing generate leads and sales is what marketing is all about!

Though conversion tends to be associated with the Internet, I am a firm believer that every message you send out should lead to some type of conversion, whether it be to a sale, joining a list, or visiting a location.