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I am often asked, “What is the one thing that successful business owners do that makes them
succeed?” Wow! This is a question that I always have trouble answering. Because usually there
is not just one thing they do differently. I used to say they work hard. But many struggling
business owners work just as hard, but don’t come up with the same results.

This week I re-read Dan Kennedy’s lead story in the September 2011 issue of NO B.S. Info-
Marketing Letter (you should seriously consider subscribing if you don’t already). In it he says,
“The number one thing successful companies do is that they implement their ideas!” After
giving it some thought, I have to agree with him 100 percent! Being able to implement their
ideas on a consistent basis is the number one thing that successful business owners do

Dan Kennedy explains:

    “To implement means: to put a decision, plan, strategy, etc. into effect. That
    means there is action tied to a strategic purpose, and there is something done.
    Not being done. Done. Not being put into effect. Put into effect.”

There is a lot of good thought in that definition! Action tied to a strategic plan is the key.
He goes on to say:

    “There is a “willy-nilly” nature to most entrepreneurs’ activity precisely because
    steady-handed, methodical implementation of what works most reliably is boring,
    and putting into effect evergreen systems is difficult and tedious.”

Many business owners are just busy working on the wrong things. They are busy putting out
fires instead of taking the time to plan, delegate, train their employees, and establish systems to ensure that their customers have a consistent experience with their business.

How good is your company at implementing your strategic ideas? What should you do to

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