What Does Your Customer Really Want?

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Supermarket-732281_1920Too many business owners blame online shopping when their sales drop.  Yes, the Internet is making it easy for customers to price shop.  But this is only important if a low price is all you have to offer. 

The sad thing is that very few customers make their decision on price alone.  A recent study listed six things customers usually look for, in order:

  1. Convenience.  In today’s fast-paced world, this is often more important than price.
  2. Selection.  Customers want a large selection at various prices.  That is why it always a good idea to have good, better, and best choices for your major product lines.
  3. Peace of mind.  This is not far behind selection.  Most customers want reassurance that they are buying the right item to solve their problem, and that you will help them if they have a problem.
  4. Product knowledge.  You can charge more for your product if you deliver more value.  Customers value a knowledgeable salesperson who listens and communicates well.
  5. Total customer service.  Are you really taking care of your customer?  Just think of your own experiences shopping.  Sadly we often reminisce about “great” customer service because it is so rarely encountered these days.
  6. Price.  Finally, we get to price.  Now this is different for online shoppers, who are often looking only at price.  Research shows that most traditional customers want a “fair” price, which isn’t always the same thing as the lowest price.  Customers will pay extra for excellent products and great customer service. 

Yes, that’s right—price came in sixth on the list of customer wants! 

So if your sales are dropping, make sure you are offering your customers the total package.