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1040First of all, we want to thank everyone for their patience.
This tax season started with a delay. The IRS was not accepting any tax returns
until January 30, 3013. As of today, the IRS is still not accepting all
returns. If you’re planning on claiming the energy credit or filing a corporate
return, you still have to wait.

Another complication we have encountered is new regulations
issued by the IRS. Due to the enormous amount of fraud with tax credits, the IRS
has required tax preparers to compile even more information from the taxpayer, which
means it takes more time for us to prepare and review your tax return.

We have been taking about two weeks to complete tax returns
(assuming we have all of the client's information and there are no dramatic
changes in the return).  We check every return at least three times to ensure that all of our clients are filing an accurate tax return and
claiming all the legal deductions and credits allowed.