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Business-systemsA common complaint I hear from business owners is that they spend all day answering their employees’ questions or correcting their errors.  If a business owner is really dedicated to using their time to massively increase sales and profits, they must eliminate these interruptions.

The best way to accomplish this is by documenting the core business systems that you use to deliver your product or service to your customer.  Yes, this is a lot of work.  So why bother?

Let’s face it:  Your business has systems now.  In fact, without documented systems, every employee is using their own system of how to get the work done.  This means that a customer is likely to receive a different experience every time they come into your business.

So:  Do you want to design your systems and the resulting customer experience, or do you want to leave this up to your employees?

A second big reason to use systems is that it makes it easier to train and manage your employees. Training is easy.  Just hand a new employee the system manual and make sure they learn it.  A better way is to use your computer to record your instructions along with screen shots of your computer or a video camera with you showing how the job should be performed.  These can easily be uploaded to your private You Tube channel and shared with your staff.

Now, you are not managing the employee, but rather managing the system.  For us, putting a tax return together is a documented system that every employee who assembles a tax return uses.  All I have to do when I sign a return is review that the system was followed.  If I find an error, there is no argument, because I have communicated in advance what the process is and what the results should be.

Every System Can Be Improved

You must believe that every system can be improved in order to willingly do all of the work required to document your systems.  You must truly understand and believe that there are real benefits to doing so.  Even if all of your systems are several times more effective than those of your competitors, you can be assured that there are still improvements that can be made.

Where Do You Start

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