Using Monthly Meetings and a Promotion Binder

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Light-828547_1920As Dan Kennedy says:  The number one thing successful companies do is that they implement their ideas! 

To implement means to put a decision, plan, strategy, etc. into effect.  That means there is action tied to a strategic purpose, and there is something done.  Not being done.  Done.  Not being put into effect.  Put into effect. 

There is a “willy-nilly” nature to most entrepreneurs’ activity precisely because steady-handed, methodical implementation of what works most reliably is boring, and putting evergreen systems into effect is difficult and tedious. 

Marketing is no different.  To be successful you need a system that helps you get things done consistently.  I recommend using a monthly promotional binder to help you stay on track. 

Every month you should have a meeting where you:

  1. Review the results from last month’s promotion and advertising.
  2. Plan the implementation of this month’s promotion and advertising.
  3. Plan next month’s promotion and advertising. 

I still recommend using a three-ring binder for each month’s promotions.  Try these sections:

  1. Promotion outline
  2. 12-month promotion calendar
  3. Brainstorming
  4. Monthly budgeted sales goal for the promotion
  5. Plan of action with each task scheduled and assigned to an employee
  6. Employee training schedule
  7. Promotion up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
  8. Vendor support (any possibility of co-op marketing support)
  9. Promotion results analysis
  10. Ad layouts 

Finally, schedule a set time each month for the meeting and decide who will attend. Assign all of your action steps and make sure the deadlines are clear.  I use worksheets with Gantt charts to keep track of the work being done by my team.