Top Tips to Help You Launch a Video Marketing Strategy

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Home-video-camera-2369189_640Video marketing is one of the best strategies you have available for you. Let’s look at some top tips that can help you launch a successful video marketing strategy.

Dedicate Resources

Everyone worries about budget, after all budgets are tight, so every company tries to do more with less. The good news is that there is no need to spend millions on a studio, nor do you need a dedicated video team to create your own video marketing strategy.

The best way is to produce enough content for all the various stages of the journey of your customer is to release a new video every few weeks. That’s not as excessive as it might sound.

If you need to invest in one dedicated hire, a videographer is the place to begin. Having a strong videographer will not only be able to shoot your video, but also edit all of your footage and so you will be able to create at least one short video for about $1,000 a week.

Figure Out What Story You Want To Tell

For most organizations there is great potential for video content. Before you do anything, consider who your audience is and what you want them to know about your company. A good first video would be to explain what your company does. There should be a video for each step of your marketing funnel. Fun campaign videos can be a good way to humanize your brand.

Show People Not Just Your Products

Explaining your products is important, but they aren’t always enough to make a compelling story. Putting the human face on the company through interviews, commentaries, sharing success stories, etc.

Keep Your Videos Short

Editing is one of the hardest steps. You have all the content you shot or had shot and there are tons of amazing things your company does, but now you have to shorten it down to just one minute because that’s the attention span of your audience.