Tips for Hiring Seasonal Workers

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Building-804526_1920Many businesses need to hire seasonal workers to help them through those especially busy times of year, but just because seasonal workers are only going to be hired on a temporary basis does not mean that employers can be any less diligent in their hiring practices.  Here are a few tips to bear in mind the next time you need to hire seasonal staff: 

  1. Be sure to determine your true requirements for seasonal workers so that the business is neither over – nor understaffed.
  2. Remember that employment discrimination laws apply equally to temporary or seasonal staff as well as to permanent employees.
  3. Encourage the right caliber of applicants by putting the same amount of time and effort into job descriptions and employee specifications.
  4. Seasonal staff members need to be able to learn quickly and often need to be flexible and adaptable. Make sure that these qualities are stressed and that your sifting and interviewing processes are able to identify these key traits and abilities.
  5. Seasonal jobs are typically stressful, so be sure to direct some of your interview questions at establishing how well candidates are equipped to deal with stressful situations.
  6. Always check references and carry out background checks on seasonal or temporary workers.