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Yes it's time to declare your independence from low profits or no profits and massively increase your profits. On July 15th I will be teaching the essential profit growth strategies that will transform your business into a money making machine.

Watch this video to learn why you must join me in this FREE 5-day challenge if you are ready to make 2019 your most profitable year ever.


Calling All Entrepreneurs Ready to Massively Increase Their Profits…It's Time to

Discover The Essential Profit Growth Strategies that Will Transform Your Business Into a Money Making Machine!

Presented by Wayne J Belisle, CPA on Monday, July 8, 2019 at 9:30AM MTD

To signup go to WWW.TheSmartProfitMaximizer.com/challenge

Time to Declare Your Independence:

  • From slow or no growth
  • From working hard for little or no reward
  • From not struggling to pay your bills every month
  • From collecting tons of money with your left hand and paying out tons of money with your right hand and HOPING that a few pennies stay with you.
  • From slowly giving up on your dream of growing a highly profitable business.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Business?

Join the SMART Profit Maximizer Coach, Wayne J Belisle CPA, as he walks you through his 21 guaranteed profit growth strategies that you can use to quickly double your business profits and checking account balance.   

Using just a couple of these strategies increased one of my clients profits last year by over $362,000 and increased my own profits by $90,000…without an increase in sales, marketing costs or time!


Here's What We're Going to Cover During This FREE Five-Day Training

Day One – Increasing Sales to Current Customers

I will reveal the exact method I have taught my clients to rapidly increase sales to current customers with a particular focus on your most profitable customers and products.  

Day Two – Managing Your Money

Discover how to quickly increase your bottom line by easily increasing your gross profits, cutting your payroll costs and reducing your overhead. 

Day Three – Accelerating Your Profits

Learn the specific techniques that my clients use to accelerate growth with planned, strategic action. Slow growth is tiring and allows the competition to catch and pass you (If they haven't already). I will teach you the mindset, strategies and techniques that my most successful clients use to achieve massive profits. 

Day Four – Recurring Revenue

I'll teach you how to easily add monthly recurring revenue to your business. Almost every highly profitable business that I have worked with had implemented a plan to get their customers to return often and pay them more.  I will teach how to make sure that the recurring revenue is highly profitable. 

Day Five (Part 1) – Tax Savings for Businesses

Discover tax reduction strategies, tactics and tips that I have used to help my clients legally reduce their taxes by over $4.3 million dollars in the last three years. 

Day Five (Part 2) – What's Next?

Learn what successful business owners do differently from struggling business owners and use my Profit Killer Diagnostic Quiz to uncover where the biggest hidden profits are hiding. 

To signup go to WWW.TheSmartProfitMaximizer.com/challenge