The Secret Key to Getting Motivated to Change

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Incentive-960045_1280In previous articles I try to convey the high cost to you and your business of not improving your business.  Though most business owners agree with me, very few are really doing anything about it.

The problem is they are WAITING to be motivated.

The truth that high paid motivation coaches really don’t want you to discover is that motivation arrives with action.

So if you want to get motivated you must act on what you are passionate about.  You discover what that is by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Where do I want to be in 5 years?  In one year?
  2. How am I going to get to my goal?
  3. What should I do first to reach my goal?
  4. Are my current actions getting me to my goals?

I often hear my clients complain they don’t have time to do what is truly important.  That is normally just pure bull!  We all have more than enough time.  We have just chosen to allocate time to other things. 

Watch what actions you are choosing to take over taking action on your dream.  Maybe you don’t need to watch TV five hours a day.  Maybe you can show up to work an hour early or stay an hour late every day.  Maybe you can work four hours on the weekend.

My experience is that the business owners who created the most profitable businesses did so by religiously allocating four hours a week, every week, for a few years.  Imagine how different your world could be if you did this for 50 weeks this year!  Imagine the effect of 200 hours invested in improving your business rather than just putting out fires.  Now imagine the effect if you did this for five years.

Now imagine a nightmare scenario—what if you don’t, and one of your competitors does?