The Extreme High Cost of Not Improving Constantly

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Download-961797Complacency kills more businesses than just about anything else.  I recognize it when a business owner says, “We’re doing alright.”  Or “I’m working harder and making less!” When I push, they say that they are doing what they always have done and what is “normal” in their industry.

When I question what changes they implemented in the last year I hear them say, “There just isn’t enough time in the day to make changes.”  Or, “I would, but I just can’t get good employees.”

Let me give it to you straight—today’s constantly changing world has made it unlikely that what worked for you in the past will continue to work for you in the future.  The information revolution is challenging every industry and removing barriers to entry into your market by your competition.  And that competition is not just from the shop down the street.  Now it can be online, out of state, and even overseas.

The consumer has changed.  They are more cautious when they spend money and they have the ability to research all their options before they ever set foot in a store.  They can check out your company before they buy to see how you treat your customers.

These two factors mean that you must commit to a consistent program of improvement.  You may not have time for a massive overhaul of your business.  But you can change one thing in your business that will increase sales, keep your customers coming back, and improve your operating efficiencies.  The bottom line is continued viability of your business and increased profits.

Failing to do so may cause your business to join the dinosaurs and buggy whip manufactures in extinction.


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