Tax Tip of the Week – YES, We’re Still Here!

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DeadlineWe’ve been working so hard on tax returns these last few weeks that we’ve neglected our poor little blog. 

Just a reminder, if you haven’t brought in your tax information, you need to do it, and soon! The deadline this year is April 17th.

We can only guarantee we can get your tax return done by the deadline if you bring your COMPLETE tax information to the office by April 4th. After that, we can no longer guarantee it will be done by the deadline. Remember, if you owe money this year and do not meet the deadline, you will be charged interest and penalties. If you need an extension, please call our office at 915-857-8158 so we can submit one for you.  Again, if you owe money and file an extension, you will still be charged interest and a penalty for not paying your taxes by April 17th.

Now back to the tax tip of the week. We read this article regarding which deductions never to take. A lot of the deductions are questions that we get often. Click on this link: We hope it helps clarify any questions.