Starting a home business? Be sure to keep it all business

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Apple-1284085_1920With the economy and the dynamics of the work world in flux—and the increasing need by many people to get closer to their families, many are opting to start home businesses that will enable them to make a good living while connecting more closely with day-to-day family life. 

But since a home business is a business after all, it’s best to follow some guidelines to make sure your home office time doesn’t turn into all play and no work. 

  1. Get up, get dressed and go to the office. Don’t live in your sweats, or, worse yet, your underwear. Put on a nice shirt, pants or skirt. Set up a separate office space in your home, preferably with a door, where you can quietly work apart from household hubbub. 
  1. Outfit your office. Invest in a good quality copier, fax, computer and other office conveniences. 
  1. Act like you’re in business—and you will be. Don’t do housework, watch television, exercise or gab with friends during your home work hours. If you wouldn’t do it in your office at a Fortune 500 company, don’t do it during your at-home workday.