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SpecialprojectsThe purpose of a special project action team is simply to improve the business. It is hard to improve your business amidst the chaos of day-to-day operations.  Apple is a great example of the success of action-oriented teams that strive to improve business and develop innovative products.  They don’t accomplish this success with a sprinkling of magic dust that spontaneously sparked creative genius.  They consistently make ideas happen by having an organized approach to implementing their projects.

The keys to the special project action team’s success are:

  • Identifying projects that will have the most impact on the company’s success.  This is obviously your job to delegate.  Later, as your team gets used to the idea, they will start to recommend projects themselves.
  • Setting aside time weekly or monthly for the project to meet and work.  This has to be scheduled to demonstrate to your team the importance of the projects chosen and your dedication to completing them.
  • Choosing the correct people to implement the project.  This means those employees who contribute the most to completing the project.  Another advantage of a team is the ability to bring employees from different departments together to get better input, ideas, and skills for a more successful project.
  • Implementing a system to ensure action and completion.  Delegation of tasks and responsibilities, consistent follow-up meetings, and deadlines are the keys to a productive special project team.