So You Decided to Advertise…But Are You Ready?

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Cashier A lot of business owners start an advertising campaign and forget to prepare their staff. It would be a shame to spend money on a successful advertisement campaign that brings in prospects – only to drop the ball at the end.

Informing your staff of current sales, conditions, limits and procedures before it is released to public is a must. In order to accomplish your goals you need all of your team on the same page. Depending on the frequency of your promotions you should set-up meeting to educate your staff on how you want everything handled.

Another thing to be prepared for is the increase in demand. Larger chains may advertise a deal of a life time but only have 2 items in stock. They can get away with doing that because they have numerous resources and products to meet their customer’s demands. But as a small business; your customers expect you to have products in stock when you advertise them and, they expect your staff to know what to do when presented with coupons or other promotional information. If your business offers services, make sure that you have enough recourses and staff to get the job done. Customers are willing to sacrifice their time in order to get a deal; but, only to a certain extent.

Whether you realize it or not, small businesses are held up to a higher standard. Make sure you are prepared to follow through on what you have promised. The goal of every advertising campaign is to offer a discount on your services and products in hopes of gaining a customer and MAKING MONEY!!

A poorly planned and executed advertising campaign can end up hurting your business by losing you customers and money.