Sell Your Company, Not Just Your Products!

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Black-friday-ads I have reviewed numerous ads for my clients and I see one common mistake over and over again, their ad just focuses on the products not the COMPANY!

Every time a business owner purchases advertisements, they need to remember that they are buying an opportunity to introduce their business. Yes, the product is a way to lure a customer into your business, but don’t forget to attach your logo, address, contact information and other valuable information about your company.

If you offer free installation or a free consultation, include it. Add any information that makes your business stand out from the rest.  Sorry to break it to you, but “Lowest Prices in Town”, “Best Customer Service” and “#1 in Town” are no longer valuable sales phrases. They have lost their meaning with overuse.

Be creative! There are effective ways to sell a product and your business at the same time. For example:

“Bring your Kids to Fast Lube! Now, with new playground, you can get your tune-up and not worry about a babysitter.”

“Free Baby’s First Hair Cut at Family Cuts! Trust our family friendly professionals to mark this milestone and get a free picture while you’re at it!”

“Need to find the perfect gift? Sally’s Gift and Stuff has thousands of choices for you and can custom order any jewelry purchase!”

So, think of what your company can offer that no one can, and make sure to include YOUR COMPANY’S INFORMATION!!