Reduce QuickBooks Errors and Bookkeeper Fraud

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Set Up Users With Limited Permissions and Access 

Every day my staff and I fix client QuickBooks files that are filled with errors.  Many of these are caused by the owner allowing their untrained employees access to all areas of QuickBooks.  This can be alleviated to a great extent by setting up their employees as QuickBooks users with limited permissions and access. 

Limiting access also can help reduce bookkeeper fraud.  In order to better understand the risk of fraud, I highly recommend that every business owner Google “Bookkeeper Fraud”.  When I did, the resulting search brought up 685,000 results.  Read some of the articles.  We will cover how to protect yourself from bookkeeper fraud in our October issue. 

Click the link below to view the video where I show you how to set this up and discuss the importance of doing so in more detail.