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Human Resources Kit for Dummies Human

By Max Messmer Chairman and CEO of Robert Half International


A company’s ability to grow and stay on top of customer demand has always depended on your ability to attract, train, and motivate qualified employees.  Business owners with loyal, qualified teams that consistently delight customers and make money for the company are not hard to spot.  It almost always means that the business owner has a strong team.

But recruiting and managing a first-rate staff is no easy thing.  In every job and in every city there is competition for the most desirable employees.  Not only that, but the human resource (HR) function now encompasses everything from creating a strategic workforce plan, effective training, interpreting federal and state law, and implementing policies and benefits that safeguard your employees while protecting company interests.  And the cost of making a mistake is high.  The legal and economic consequences of a major mistake in this area can be enormous.

This book is a great primer for the business owner who suddenly finds themselves with employees and not enough knowledge or experience in human resource matters.  This is a very practical guide that provides you the tools you need to keep the HR administration running smoothly.