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Dollar-1362243_1280Have you ever stopped to wonder how some people just seem to be able to weather any storm that may come their way? This may include changes in jobs, divorce, kids going off to college or almost any unexpected things that happen in life.

In addition you may find that these same people always seem to have money to take vacations and get those new cars every few years. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are wealthier than you are; it may just mean they are maximizing their money’s ability to work for them.

Your accountant can help you plan for all these events in life by:

  • Helping you prioritize – often people have difficulty in deciding what they are saving for. Your accountant will sit down with you and develop short and long term savings and investments based on what you see as important in your life.
  • Assisting with “what if’s” – with years of experience in working with people with similar lifestyles, incomes, goals and financial dreams your accountant may be able to provide you with options for savings, retirement planning or just getting that special something.
  • Assessing risk – many people end up investing in things that look good on the surface, or even in the prospectus, but that really are very high risk types of investments. An accountant can help you understand the risks associated with an investment potential so that you can make an informed decision.
  • Lowering your taxes – everyone wants to pay the lowest possible taxes so working with an accountant year round is important. Remember that this is not just true for businesses; it is also true for individuals as well. Meeting with our accountant if you are considering a major change that will impact your finances is a great way to plan to maximize the deductions that may be possible.

An accountant will not make decisions for you, those will always be your choice. What he or she will do is make sure you understand the pros and cons of the choices that you make and how they can help or possibly hurt your financial future.