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Unhappy-389944_1920Are your workers consistently blowing it? Do you sense they are the most unmotivated workers on the planet? 

It’s true that there can be many reasons for lack of motivation in the office, and it’s up to you to root out the problem. Here is a list of questions to ask yourself about how your office is run: 

  • Are promises made and not kept? 
  • Are raises and rewards always just around the corner? 
  • Is the management hypercritical, without really understanding what the workers are doing? 
  • Has an “us” versus “them” culture formed. 
  • Is the office equipment valued more than the employees?
  • Is there a company line that employees are probably rolling their eyes at? 

Once you figure out what’s going on then you can go to work on eliminating the offending practices or you can try to improve on OK but imperfect behaviors.