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out Innovative Small Business Magazine on your iPad for more in-depth
information on many of the items we cover on our blog.  You can find it by searching by name in the iTunes
Store or by clicking on this link http://bit.ly/SSBu1V.

us a favor—if you like it, please give us a great review.  Please email me personally if you have
suggestions on how we can improve it.

following note from the editor is in our first issue and gives a brief
description of why we started this new magazine.

Note from the

to Innovative Small Business Digital Magazine

Since the late 70s, I have worked
as a CPA helping small business owners with their taxes, accounting, and business
operations.  During this time I have had
the opportunity to learn from many successful business owners how to succeed in
business.  But I have also had the
opportunity to watch and learn as many others either failed entirely or seemed
to continuously struggle to just stay alive. 
Many times these business owners worked harder and made less than they
would have working for someone else.

That is the main reason we are
starting Innovative Small Business Digital Magazine.  Our goal is to provide small business owners
with both the vital information they need to improve their basic business
knowledge and the step-by-step instructions and worksheets they can use to
improve their business on a monthly basis using small, steady improvements.

The following formula
communicates the key point of this magazine: 
Good Ideas + Action = MASSIVE

biggest difference you will see in this magazine is the emphasis on action
!  Every issue of this magazine includes action
tips that you can use to increase your sales, cut your costs, improve your
business systems, and massively increase your profits.  Tap on the homework icon in the article, or
just go to the last section in each issue to download the homework for that

Remember, this magazine is
designed to help you, the business owner. 
So I would love to hear from you what issues you are having and what you
would like to see in future issues.  If
you are doing something innovative in your field, let me know so I can feature
you as one of our Small Business Success Stories.

Also, let me know if you would
like to write an article for a future issue that will provide business owners
with your success secrets.

Until next month, thank you for
your continued support and let’s make this year our most profitable year ever!