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Tie-690084_1280The caliber of people who work for your company will arguably have more impact on the success of your company than any other factor.  The easiest way to create a terrific workforce is to hire terrific people in the first place.

While you may never seem to have the time for the hiring process, I suggest do you whatever it takes to make sure you give hiring the effort it deserves.  Sometimes this means you have to skimp on time usually spent on other pressing chores.

Hiring always carries some risk, but you can improve your odds by establishing the right criteria.  Job requirements will vary from job to job, but basic hiring criteria remain pretty much the same for every position.  The right hiring criteria, however, will vary depending on the personality and needs of your company.

The BATH test has helped me spot the best prospective employees when hiring.  It is a set of questions to ask yourself about all prospective employees.

  • B:   Do they buy into the concept?  If the core of your company is customer service, look for people will do everything (within reason) to make your customers happy.
  • A:  Are they able to perform the job?  Choose people who have proven track records in similar positions and personalities that are a good fit for both the job and the company.
  • T:   Are they team players?  Team players aren’t people who blindly go along with everyone else.  Find employees who will actively participate in the company.  They will follow procedures but will also tell you if there is a problem with a procedure and offer solutions.  They will often tell you whatever is on their minds, for that matter.  Team players look out for the good of the company, not just themselves.
  • H:  Are they hungry?  A growing company thrives with employees who are hungry for success and eager to take advantage of any opportunity.

If you take the BATH test seriously and only hire people who meet all four criteria, you will greatly improve your success in hiring.