Myths Business Owners Believe (Part III)

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Myths Business Owners Believe (Part III) 

Myth:  A widely held but false belief or idea.          David-vs-goliath retail


Myth:  I can't compete with the national chainsThe truth:  The national chains can't compete with you!  You are closer to the customers than the managers of these large chains.  You can spot market trends much sooner, and because you don't have the large infrastructure that they have, you can respond much more quickly.  Plus, you can build a very good business from the small niches the big chains don't want.

Finally, perhaps the most dangerous myth that almost all new business owners (and even many experienced business owners) fall prey to:

Myth:  I know all I need to know about running my businessThe truth:  The biggest problem is not what you don't know.  Rather, the biggest problem is that you don't know what you don't know.  A successful business owner never stops learning.  They concentrate on improving all of their business skills.  They read books, hire coaches, go to conferences and seminars, and learn from what other business owners are doing right and wrong.

What myths do you believe?

How are they holding you back?