Marketing Tips—Pulling the Trigger

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Laptop-1071779_1920By now we all know there is a lot of planning that goes into getting the most out of our marketing.  But how do you know when it’s time to stop planning, and time to pull the trigger and actually start marketing?

Small business owners are known for being go-getters and getting things started.  But sometimes they’re hesitant about starting new projects within their business.  Marketing tends to take the backseat to day-to-day business, and never gets done.  It’s not until the business owner notices a slip in sales that marketing becomes a priority and the owner begins planning.  The funny thing about this is many business owners know they need to do something, but drag their feet because they’re not sure if they can handle the extra work.

The truth of the matter is you should always have marketing projects going on.  You should be pulling the trigger as soon as you’re confident in your plan.  The second you have decided on doing something, start!  Planning is all talk unless you put it into action.

Don’t become another business casualty because you waited too long to act!