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LogosI have seen many good and bad logos in my day. Here are some tips on how to make sure you don’t pick a bad logo.

  • Don’t use an actual picture as a logo – Pictures are hard to reproduce and resize, so when you’re printing your letterhead, banners, and other business documents, your logo won’t print well.
  • Don’t use clip art – Clip art is a little bit better than a picture, but unoriginal! Anyone can use that image. Your logo should be unique and allow your audience to bring your business to mind when they see it.
  • Don’t rely heavily on different colors – There may be times where you have to print your logo in black and white. I have seen many logos become unrecognizable because they do not print well in black and white.
  • Don’t hand draw your logo – Hand drawn logos look unprofessional. Customers may think you’re too cheap to pay for a professional logo, which translates into, This company is unprofessional and may cut corners with my services. Or, This company is too cheap to get a real logo, so their products must be cheap.

When creating your logo, remember:

  • It should be something that is simple, unique, and easy to remember so customers can instantly associate your logo with your company.
  • Don’t be afraid of spending a little money. There are tons of graphic designers out there that are reasonable with their fees. Remember, this is your business’s identity and will be with you for a long time.
  • Go with what you like! Your logo doesn’t have to be a picture of a toilet if you’re a plumber. Go with something you like and looks professional.

I hope this helps you pick the right logo for your company!