Would You Buy From You?

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Would you buy from youHave you ever asked yourself this question? If I wasn’t the owner, would I do business with myself? 

Do I make it easy to buy? Are my prices competitive? How is my customer service? If after honestly answering these questions you discover that you would not do business with your own business, you need to make some changes and FAST!

Many business owners forget to approach things as a customer. Placing yourself on the other side of the business model you’d probably make different decisions for your business. 

I often ask business owners why they do certain things in their business that inconvenience their customer and their answer usually has something to do with the owners’ preferences.  Customers are finicky and are looking for excuses not to buy things sometimes and your “preference” may be costing you money!

I’ve encountered many different types of business owners in my day, and all think their business is the best in their field. Some are right but many are blind to their own shortcomings and don’t realize they are not thinking of their customers.

Answer the question “Would you buy from you?” and be honest. You may be surprised to find out you may need to make some changes.

by Jacqueline Alvarez