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Sell the transformation picPeople don’t buy the product or service: They buy what the product will do for them.

It is important that all of your advertising and sales presentations focus on the transformational effect your product or service will have on the customer’s life if they purchase it.

The best place to see this is in the diet industry.  Their advertising shows the active, healthy lifestyle that you will lead once you use their products.  They often compare this to the life their customers are currently leading, and how bad they feel about themselves because of their excess weight.

Only after they have sold the transformational change weight loss will have on their life and how much better they will feel after the weight loss do they present their product. 

Remember, the product or service is only the method of delivering the transformation.  

Most of your advertising should focus first on getting them to feel the pain and emotion of their current situation. This should then be followed by selling the joy and emotion of their life after the transformation.  Finally, you present your product as the best method for accomplishing the transformation.