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Thinking capYou’ll be surprised on how much people’s emotions influence them when they are buying things. I have mentioned numerous times before that people are not just buying a product; they’re buying a solution or something that touches their emotional needs.

So what I propose you do is explore your creative side and position your top-selling items.  Write a sales pitch that gives your customer an emotional and visual sell. Show them how your product or service will make their lives just that much better.

I’ll even give you some examples:

Product: A Minivan

Pitch: Imagine you’ll finally have a safe, reliable car that will fit everyone and keep all the kids entertained with the Blu-ray player in the back. All your kids can have their own personal space, which will eliminate a lot of arguments. You will have room to store your groceries, and it can just make traveling a whole lot easier. Plus, if you look at the numbers, this minivan is more economical than an SUV. You can use that extra money to go out, plan a trip, and not have to worry about a high car payment. All of the features are designed to make your life easier. With the push of a button, you can open the sliding door so when your hands are full with a sleeping kid, you won’t have to wake them up to put them into the car. We are even having great financing deals right now. If you like, after the test drive I can go over them with you.

Product: Cell Phone Case

Pitch: I was noticing that you don’t have a cell phone case for your phone. Right now we’re having a sale on our case for $9.99. It’s a lot cheaper than replacing your phone. We have heard so many horror stories from customers that have dropped their phones or have spilled drinks on them. They end up having to pay full price on a new phone or look on Craigslist or eBay to find an affordable phone.  And even then, they spend a lot of money and the phone is used. They always buy a case after that. What kind of phone do you have?  I can check to see what we have.

You see, it can be that simple. Just create future scenarios that your customer will possibly face and show how your product will help them. You’re more likely to close a sale if there is that emotional link to the product and your customer.