Are You Losing Your Sales Message?

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Ad_overloadIf you ask any good salesperson, there are certain points they hit when giving their sales pitch. These points make the customer want to buy the product because it fulfills a need/want or it solves a problem. Remember, people only buy things for those very reasons.

Unfortunately, these points are often lost when creating advertisements.  It’s a big trend to focus on price when creating your ad copy and layout, but that is not always what motivates your customers to buy. I want you to look online, in newspapers, and any other places where there is a huge amount of advertising, and critique the ads. Did it sell you? Did it address an issue you may have? Did it make you want to learn more about the product? Did you want to buy the product? You want to ask yourself these same questions when you create your ads!

Buying can be an emotional process. Salespeople have the advantage of dealing directly with a customer and adjusting their pitch to fit that customer. Good advertising can have the same advantage if done right. The next time you’re creating an ad, consult one of your sales staff and ask what points sell your product and incorporate that into your sales information and ads. I’m positive you will see more results with your new advertising message!