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Why reinvent the wheel?If you have worked with me before, you may have heard me say “Why reinvent the wheel?” And I really believe in that saying.

As a small business owner, I know we have limited resources.  Using information, techniques, ideas and methods that other businesses have had success with is just smart business. They have just saved you a ton of money and time by finding a selling method that works and all you have to do is incorporate it into your marketing plan.

I have worked with business owners who have argued, "That is what my competitor is doing." My response is: So? Why are you going to lose money because your competitor tried something out before you did? All you have to do is put your own spin on it in order to have the same idea increase your sales also.

Marketing is one of those things that is always changing and can produce different results at different times; but, if you find something that has proven to work, feel free to jump on that bandwagon and hope it works for your business.