Marketing & Selling Tips of the Week- Cut out the Negativity!

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“Misery loves company” is a saying that is true to the core. I have yet to meet a successful negative salesperson. Selling, by nature, has to be done in a positive light. You have to showcase your product’s or service’s benefits in the most appealing manner or else there is no sale, – plain and simple!

Thumbs-up1 So, here are some ways to keep the positive in your selling:

Surround yourself with positive people – Just as I mentioned before, misery loves company; so, by surrounding yourself with positive influences you can boost morale.

Avoid negative language – Focusing on the negative is always a downer. Next time you are in a conversation that has taken a downward turn, try to bring in some positive thoughts and words. By doing this, it can easily change your mood and way of thought.

Take some time off – This is an easy way to boost anyone’s spirits! When all has gone wrong in the world, taking a day to reevaluate your sales technique, get organized and/or regroup can really help re-motivate you and your sales.

Positivity can work wonders! Try these easy changes and see your sales improve and increase. You’ll also notice an added benefit, your positive attitude will start rubbing off on people around you.