Marketing & Selling Tip of the Week – Trying to Figure Out Your Customer

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Planning Many business owners say they know their customers but don’t understand why their marketing isn’t working. The key in creating a marketing message is giving your customers what they want; not what you think they want.

Marketing messages sometimes get over shadowed by the owner’s agenda.

For example:

A business owner has ordered a product that has been on shelves for over six months and has had very little sales activities.  He decides he is going to advertise it and have his staff include this product in their sales pitch. The product still isn’t selling. So the owner tries a different ad and places it in a different location in the store, still no changes in sales. The owner is baffled to why the product is not selling.

The owner is not listening to their customer; they do not need that product! You can spend all your time and money on advertising a product; but, if your audience is not interested in the product, it will not sell.

So what should you do as a business owner? First you have to plan out your marketing campaigns and create a message that speaks to your customers not just at them.  Take their interests and needs into consideration.  Ask yourself questions like: What does the customer think we promised? What solution do we offer? Does the customer have this problem?

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