Marketing & Selling Tip of the Week – Take the Work out of Networking

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Networking_professionals Networking is an extremely important part of any business.  It allows you to get your name out there and spread the word about your services and/or products.

So why don’t more business owners network!  Networking can be a chore if you don’t have that drive to go out and meet new people.  But there are different ways to get out there and not feel like you are putting yourself on display.

Go to local sporting and social events.  Events like basketball games, dances, and fundraisers give you an opportunity to meet people with shared interests and allow you to introduce yourself and your business.  You’d be surprised by how easy and effective this is.  I can’t even count the number of times I have heard, “Really, one of my friends was looking for a CPA!  Can I get your card?”  And all I did was go to a game I wanted see.

Trade shows are also a great and inexpensive way to meet new clients.  You don’t necessarily have to buy a booth; just walk around, ask questions, and introduce yourself.  Meeting people in the same field can help boost your reputation.

Attend city meetings.  A lot of business owners are involved in their communities.  Becoming involved as well can open doors with people that can help you grow your business.

These are just a few suggestions on different ways networking can help grow your business and still allow you to do things you enjoy.