Marketing Tip of the Week- Speaking the Language

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436_3092441I have met many business owners that tend to forget not everyone speaks their language. I find this more common in the technology fields. Don’t get me wrong, I find this very interesting and it shows that they are very knowledgeable about their field; but when you are trying to woo potential customers, your technical language may be losing them and your potential sale.

So, when you’re on a sales call or preparing your sales material remember to keep it simple! I always suggest addressing your customer’s problem and explain how you would solve the issue in a simple yet informative way. Remember your customer are hiring and/or buying from you because of your expertise and because they have a problem you can solve. They don’t want to become an expert about your field!!  Like most people, they will appreciate an explanation of what they are paying you for.

Making sales can be very tricky. Remembering that you are selling something that can help your customers is key. If you base your sales pitch off that mentality, selling will become much easier.