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Wrk001 As a CPA, packaging wasn’t my biggest concern when I started my practice. By sheer accident I figured out its importance and what an impression it leaves.

When I quit my last job, as a going away present, my co-workers pitched in and got me a binding machine. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but was very grateful for it. As I started my practice and finished some projects, I soon realized I needed some kind of packaging for my work. I mean, I couldn’t charge a client $1,000 for a couple of stapled pieces of papers with numbers on them. So, I went to the printers with my wife and picked out a mint blue/ green card stock and had my name, address and telephone number printed on it with navy blue ink. And low and behold, I had my packaging. All I did was bind my work between the cardstock. It was very simple and inexpensive, but made my final product look professional.  I kept that format for years and had received numerous compliments on it and, to be honest, I think some clients noticed the packaging more than my actual work.

Those two pieces of cardstock taught me a valuable lesson in business and sales. Though my work and the information that I provided helped my clients they were often more impressed with the way I presented it to them. It showed me that people like the fact that I took the time on the presentation and it added value to my work.

When you are putting your products together, try to create that little wow factor that your clients will notice. Making something pretty goes a long way in sales. If you don’t think you can afford it, crunch some numbers and see what kind of options you have. It will pay off!