Marketing & Selling Tip of the Week – Know when to close the deal!

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Ss-4008010-CustomerService When it comes to closing a sale, there are a few hints a customer gives you that will let you know that they are ready to buy.

When the customer becomes active in asking about the product, availability and financing these are all good signs that the customer is ready to purchase. It is up to you to close the sale.


Customer: “How long is this on sale?”

Sales Person: “Until the end of the week. But we have limited stock, based on my experience here; I would suggest purchasing this before we run out. ”


Customer: “I am currently using Outlook, will this sync with it?”

Sales Person: “Yes, this will sync with Outlook. If you like, I can show you how. Just bring in your laptop and I’ll show you how it works. Would you like me to ring this up for you?”


Customer: “Do you offer in store credit?”

Sales Person: “Not at this time, but we do work with banks in the area. I can get you an application and we can get approval in a few minutes.”


These are just some scenarios that you and your sales staff may come across. Selling is never the same, but you can pick up signals and close the sale by simply acknowledging your customers clues.