Marketing & Selling Tip of the Week – Keeping it Fresh!

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What do I say to business owner’s that don’t understand why their loyal customers aren’t coming as often or have left all together? I turn around and ask them, “Have you changed anything?” Most of the time the answer is “no.” That is where their problems lie!

Consumers’ behavior is a tricky thing to understand. Consumers don’t like change; but, if you don’t change, they grow tired and search elsewhere. As a business owner, you need to adapt to your customer’s needs and demands, even if they themselves haven’t realized their needs have changed. Consumers like to feel like they have options and variety. So, by simply announcing new services, menu items or technological advancements that you offer, your customers feel like your company has kept up with changes and can meet their needs if they ever do change. You have to keep it fresh!

Consumers like to have the option of trying out new things, even if they never really intend on trying them. You have to be prepared to change things around to keep your consumers interested. You see this all over the business world, from fast food chains to phone services. They all have their normal products and services, but they change things up on a regular basis to keep their customers interested and also to make sure that your customers remember you!

Broaden your business’s horizons and plan out new services or products you can offer this year!