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Open-minded The other day I was reading a marketing book, Getting Business to Come to You, and one of the sentences started: “One of the serious issues we face in the 1990’s,” that just stopped me in my tracks. I first thought, “How old is this book?” and I almost put it down. As I thought about it, I told myself that I need to keep an open mind, there may still be some valuable marketing ideas in here and I continued reading.

Marketing may change the way you reach your customers or there may be new tools you can use; but, aside from that, the goals are the same – reaching your target market and getting them to buy from you. When I thought of what I could be missing out because of my narrow mindedness, I continued reading and actually found some good material for my next blog article and techniques I myself can use in my business.

When it comes to marketing for your business, an open mind will always get you far and open some doors to future customers.