Marketing & Selling Tip of the Week – In it for the long haul!

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The_road Marketing and advertising are aspects of business that you really have to commit to. In order for any form of marketing to work it has to be consistent! This means is you’re making a long term commitment to the success of your business.

By making sure your logo is on everything you send out, your marketing message is cohesive with your mission statement and you’ve committed to an advertising plan, you’re creating healthy marketing habits that will keep you on the right track. This may sound more complex than it actually is. Sending a letter on your company’s stationary, having ads that promote your superior service and emailing promotions on a weekly basis, are just examples of what this entails. These are things your business should be doing anyways!

As I have mentioned before, nothing happens over night. So, when running promotions and advertisements you must keep in mind, you will need patience. Track what you have done and see what works and what hasn’t. After a good amount of time (I usually suggest 3 months) evaluate and see whether you should continue a particular marketing project. But don’t stop all marketing!!

Make policies and procedures to ensure that your marketing is done regularly and becomes second nature to you and your staff.  You are the key in making things happen; make sure everyone involved in your business knows this is a priority.

You have to follow through! Dropping the ball or laziness can sabotage your business.  Ignoring the importance of the long term commitment to your business’s marketing can easily lead to its demise.