Marketing & Selling Tip of the Week – Growing a Tough Skin

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Perseverance-success-persistence If you haven’t figured it out yet, sales is not for the thinned skinned. There is a lot of rejection and interactions with different types of personalities. The trick to getting through this is persistence and growing a thick skin.

Successful salespeople understand that not everyone is interested in their product at that point in time; but, this product or service may solve a future problem.  Follow-up is a crucial step in sales. It’s almost impossible to close a sale on the first try. Becoming familiar with your sales tools and product can help you create a plan that allows you to follow up effectively.

Being told “no” doesn’t necessarily mean the sale is dead. It just means they are not ready for your product or services at this time. A good salesperson will leave sales materials and get contact information for future sales calls or pitches.  And the biggest thing is not to forget to follow through on the follow-up!

Another thing is don’t take it personally. If you are polite and courteous there is no reason to think you are the reason the sale didn’t happen. People have bad days and some people just have bad attitudes. As a sales person you need to move on and go to the next potential customer.

Remember if you have a good product and a good sales pitch the sales will soon to follow. Just don’t give up!!