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Networking-facetoface1 When you are in the service industry, face time with a client can lead to an increase in profits. Communicating with your customers is a goldmine; you just need to make the time.

I know as a business owner you are very busy and making time to meet or communicate with clients maybe a poor use of time, especially when you have a million and one projects pending.  But many studies have shown that making the effort to communicate with your client really pays off, financially and business wise.   

In a recent study done by Research Spotlight, on financial advisors, reports advisors who spent 30-34 hours a week talking, email and/or meeting with clients, gained at least 10% more clients. Where are as advisors who spent 10 hours or less with clients, LOST about half of their clients.  You may not be a financial advisor but anyone in the service industry must understand the importance in keeping open lines of communication with their clients.

Numbers don’t lie. Delegate responsibilities and make the time to talk, mail, email and meet with your customers!