Marketing & Selling Tip of the Week – Dropping the Ball

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Lossing money We have talked a lot about advertising and sales training in previous blog articles; the reason being that these two things need to work hand in hand.  First, if you do not market to some extent, there is no need for a sales staff, or staff for that matter.  Second, you could execute the best marketing plan in the world, but if you do not have the trained staff to fulfill the demand you have generated, you have thrown money out the window.

If you are reading this, you already understand the relevance of marketing in business, so my first point needs no explanation.  Moving on, having a sales staff know the basics of sales is good, but knowing only the basics can lead to loss of the business your advertising and marketing has brought in.  By not emphasizing the importance of up-sales, customer service and other effective sales techniques, you are letting dollars walk out the door, literally.

If you are letting things slide on the sales floor and are not properly training your sales staff, you are wasting most of your marketing dollars.  One of the goals of marketing is to make sure you are getting a customer to buy everything they need from you; by dropping the ball on the sales floor, you are ultimately losing out in sales and in your marketing dollars.

Make sure that your marketing and sales staffs are on the same page.  Trust me, you’ll see the jump in sales.