Marketing and Selling Tip of the Week: Don’t Forget Your Manners!

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No-cell-phone-sign In the new age of technology and the absence of education in etiquette, I have seen many salespeople blow sales because they cannot put their phones down! Constantly checking your phone, texting, and taking phone calls in the middle of meetings is not acceptable and is just plain RUDE!

You are sending signals to your customers and potential customers that they’re not worth your full attention. They have taken the time to meet with you and to hear your sales pitch, and you are distracted by your phone.

Rarely are things an emergency; whoever is calling or texting you can wait or leave you a message. As soon as you’re done with your customer, you can address any issue they may have. You should always switch your phone to silent, not vibrate, and put it in a place where it will not distract you.

If you’re expecting an important call or vital information, let your customer know beforehand. My experience has been that if you’re open with your customers and give them advance notice, they are understanding and do not misinterpret your actions as rude.

So step away from your phone and give the same respect to your customers that you would want from someone who was asking you to buy from them.