Marketing Tip of the Week – Don’t forget me, I’m already a customer.

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Tue31The holidays are coming and, like every other year, my company (my wife) makes thousands of homemade cookies to give to some of our clients. It takes about a week of my wife’s time, but our clients enjoy them and request them every year.

The other day a client asked me, “Why do you do it if it takes so much time and effort?” I answered, “Because that’s why you keep me around!”

But all jokes aside, I know that my clients are not going to fire me if I don’t bring them a cookie tray for Christmas; at least I hope not. But, it keeps me in their thoughts. It is a way for me to show my gratitude and remind them I am there to help them. It’s my holiday marketing!

A lot of business owners tend to neglect their current customers and focus on obtaining new ones. DON’T DO THAT! If you have taken any marketing courses or read any marketing books, your current customers are your goldmine!

The 80/20 Rule basically says that your top 20% of your customers generate 80% of your sales. So, why on earth wouldn’t you pamper them and encourage them to buy more, or even refer more customers like themselves to your company?

I encourage you to develop a way to get your current customers to remember or even refer others to your business. Perhaps a refer-a-friend program, annual gifts, rewards programs, etc. Try to always do something that shows that they are valuable to you and your company.