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Out of box In marketing you hear “Think outside the box” a lot. It may sound a bit cliché; but, that is the type of thinking that makes for success. Striving to be different and standing out is what you need to infuse into your business’s marketing.

This year is the perfect time to try new things, things no one in your industry has thought of. You hear of jewelers offering to repay you for your purchase if it snows for three days straight after your purchase, restaurants offer to duplicate your order for free in the following month, if you go and purchase a meal on a certain date, or even offer a cruise to the customer that refers the most customers.  These marketing ideas are nonconventional but work.

CAUTION: Make sure your promotions work financially!! You don’t want to go out of business because a promotion wasn’t planned out well and WORKED!

Start the New Year with a new and creative way to generate new customers and motivate the old ones!