What’s Your Marketing Report Card?

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ReportcardIn today’s tough economic times, it is more important than ever to become an expert in marketing.  As Dan Kennedy, author of the highly successful No B.S. marketing books (www.nobsbooks.com), says, “Every business is a marketing business.”  Only after the business owner understands this key point are they ready to grow their business dramatically.

Grade yourself on each of the following key points with a traditional letter grade from A (for excellent) to F (for failure, or when there is nothing done in an area):

  1. Do you have a short answer for this question:  Why, with all the other choices out there (including the choice of doing nothing), should I buy from you?  Grade____
  2. Do you know the lifetime value of a new customer?  Grade___
  3. Do you make it easy to buy from you?  Grade____
  4. Do you understand that every contact with a customer is a marketing opportunity?  Grade___
  5. Is there a script for all of your staff to use for every contact point with a customer?  Grade___
  6. Do you have a clear strategic marketing and tactical marketing plan?  Grade___
  7. Do you have a written marketing implementation plan for the next 30-60 days?  Grade___
  8. Do you use this marketing plan to guide your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual sales and marketing activity?  Grade___
  9. Do you act on your marketing plan?  Grade___
  10. Do you contact all your customers by mail, email, or phone every month so that they don’t forget you?  Grade___
  11. Do you personally call your top customers monthly looking for new ways to better serve them?  Grade___
  12. Does your company have a plan to upsell or cross-sell to every customer?  Grade___
  13. Do you have a clearly defined customer benefit statement for each of your products or services?  Grade___
  14. Do you have a way to capture contact information for all prospects?  Grade___
  15. Do you have a systemized plan to turn prospects into customers?  Grade___
  16. Do you have good sales material?  Grade____
  17. Are you only using advertising and marketing tools that allow you to track effectiveness?  Grade___
  18. Do you concentrate on selling to a particular niche rather than trying to be all things to all people?  Grade___
  19. Do you have sales training meetings?  Grade____
  20. Do you have a marketing-based website?  (A website that leads to sales or an appointment, rather than an electronic business card.)  Grade___
  21. Do you use email marketing?  Grade___
  22. Do you use social media to educate your customers and build loyal fans?  Grade___
  23. Do you look for ways to WOW your customers on every sale?  Grade___
  24. After you have wowed them do you ask for testimonials?  Grade___
  25. Do you look for ways to create marketing partnerships that are beneficial to both parties?  Grade___
  26. Do you remember to thank your customers at least yearly?  Grade___

Review the grades you gave yourself and work on improving any grades lower than a grade of C or less. Give us a call if you need help or just want to brainstorm this list.