Managing older workers? Eliminate the stereotypes

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Baby-boomer-442252_1920You may have lots of younger workers, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to neglect your older workforce. Baby Boomers may have skills and attitudes that younger workers haven’t mastered yet. Here are some tips on effectively managing older workers: 

  1. Address your attitude first. Eliminate stereotypes from your thinking, positive or negative. You may believe older employees are harder workers, or that they’re just waiting for retirement. Treat every employee as an individual without jumping to conclusions based on age. Stereotypes often keep us from tapping talent. 
  1. Give them feedback. Many younger managers are a little hesitant to give older workers feedback. But remember that older workers need to know their value to a team or the importance of their work. And they need to know where and how they need to improve. 
  1. Consider making them mentors. Older workers have a mountain of experience. Make use of it. They can help steer younger workers though minefields that are never written in the company policy manual, and they can provide insights based on their own successes and failures.